Ebeling Licht GmbH

Plantage 15
28215 Bremen
Tel.: 04 21 / 3 77 67 – 670
Fax: 04 21 / 3 77 67 – 913

Brilliance, coruscation, flashing!

Since the formation of the company in 1968, Ebeling Licht GmbH has been a supplier for technical materials and illuminations for showmen, amusement ride manufacturers and amusement parks. With our internal manufacturing, we are able to attend our customer’s wishes: We produce individual and unique lighting systems like strip lights or letterings for e.g.  the carousels of our customers.


Trustworthy, proficient and international!

Because of years of experience Ebeling Licht GmbH is a trustworthy and accepted partner of showmen, amusement ride manufacturers and amusement parks. We also do customer service in Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and in Switzerland. With glamorous LED illuminations we put a spell on you and your customers! With the manufacturer FUN LED from italy we are able to create very special and individual LED lightings. Due to the controlled production, the use of inferior materials is out of the question and the goods can be delivered of the highest quality. You are on the safe side if you buy products developed from FUN LED and you will put your shop in the spotlight!


Service is a huge priority with us!

Stocked with necessary lighting material we provide you on site on more than 60 funfairs all over germany. We are also capable to send the goods out to fairgrounds domestic and abroud by courier without a hitch.

Rubriken: Electronic & Lighting Systems, Acoustic & Sound Systems