HAB Hallen- und Anlagenbau GmbH

Greifswalder Str. 14
17509 Wusterhusen
Tel.: 0 38 35 4 / 358 0
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Tourist attractions

HAB develops custom made steel facilities for the tourism sector. We create outstanding tourist attractions that promise amazing experiences, whether it's a “Tauchgondel” diving bell, a panorama tower or a 5D simulation platform!

We construct what you've already planned, or develop plans together with you. We are there for you from the first CAD design, right up to the successful launch of your new product.


Bringing steel ideas to life

Looking back at six decades of experience and over a thousand completed projects, HAB is still building pioneering steel buildings and facilities that meet all kinds of needs in terms of functionality, economic efficiency, flexibility, energy efficiency and architectural style. With highly qualified engineers, welders and assembly teams, as well as prize winning structural engineers, architects and patent attorneys, we are fully equipped for the challenges of modern steel construction. Working with universities and research centres, we help to develop technologies and processes for the future.


Quality from a single source

We have one thing on our minds when creating our unique production facilities and buildings: our customers' success. First, we pay great attention to your needs, wishes and demands for your project, after which, a team of highly qualified, creative and committed specialists gets to work on making it a reality. We are a general contractor, which means that we can offer you all the services required for the construction of your new facility, from design and structural engineering through to detailed production planning, construction, and even to installing the facility's equipment.

Rubriken: Attractions, Carrousels, Amusement Rides