Maurer Rides GmbH

Ammerthalstrasse 34
85551 Kirchheim
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Since 1876, Maurer has been working from headquarters in Munich and today has over 1000 employees at six production sites around the world. In 1992, Maurer entered the development and production of Amusement Rides with the takeover of the activities of Co. BHS / Anton Schwarzkopf. Maurer still provides service and spare parts supply for all Schwarzkopf coasters.

To focus on the roller coaster market, Maurer founded the subsidiary Maurer Rides GmbH in 2003, which today acts as a specialized and independent unit of the Maurer Group. Most of the production takes place at the Munich site with Maurer SE as the main company.

Maurer Rides specializes in rail-mounted transport systems. In addition to roller coaster trains and related Amusement Rides, this includes passenger transportation systems and people movers as well as conveyor systems for the transport of goods.

Since the beginning, Maurer Rides regularly pioneered the development of revolutionary new technologies, which later became the market standard. In 2004, for example, the Maurer X-Car was the world's first system for inverted rides without a shoulder restraint. Innovative track figures can be designed with the help of the self-developed multi-body simulation package XTRAC and the track tubes are bent three-dimensionally with the Maurer XBEND method in unprecedented precision. The introduction of the revolutionary Spike® drive technology represents a milestone in several sectors in the development of rail-bound transport systems.

Numerous awards and patents underline the status of technology and innovation leader.

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